VIP Cloud Changelog

Production release – 2023/01/24

Cleanup Jetpack-related cron events when JP is disabled

When Jetpack is disabled, make sure all the cron events are also disabled/removed.

Plugin Updated: Query Monitor (VIP Panel)

Fix URL to not display target attribute

Plugin Updated: Search Dev Tools

Display current search algorithm version

Plugin Updated: Enterprise Search

Plugin Updated: Cron Control

Pulls in a fix to resolve a php deprecation notice that starts at php 8.1+.

Plugin Updated: VIP Helpers

Added a patch for core bug #51058 in our wpcom_vip_attachment_url_to_postid() caching helper function. Thanks to our friends at Yoast for the information and the fix.

#mu-plugins, #query-monitor, #search

Production release – 2023/01/17

Plugin Updated: VIP_Request_Block

Adds VIP_Request_Block::ua_partial_match

Plugin Updated: Query Monitor

Added panel for DB Connections and only load qm-plugins if user has QM capability

Plugin Updated: Enterprise Search

Add ElasticPress version to footer text

Plugin Updated: wp-parsely

Changed the default version of wp-parsely from 3.5 to 3.6.

#jetpack, #mu-plugins, #parse-ly, #query-monitor, #search

Production release – 2023/01/10

Plugin Updated: lightweight-term-count-update

Fixes bug where the cache of the taxonomies of multiple terms were not properly being cleared.

Plugin Updated: Debug Bar

We added a deprecation notice to debug bar if it is set to be enabled.

Plugin Updated: 000-vip-init.php

Add ‘local’ as valid value in switch statement for defining WP_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE

#mu-plugins, #search